Bagan Temple Marathon

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2,000 wonders await you – Marathon, half marathon and 10 km

Take on THE temple

Tucked away in central Myanmar and home to more than 2,000 temples, Bagan’s beauty and historical significance is unsurpassed. Sacred pagodas and beautiful temples are scattered across the plains of Bagan creating a mystical, striking landscape. The marathon course will take runners on a voyage of discovery into this alluring and untouched land.


A relatively flat course, the route takes runners through a temple wonderland and small villages, where it feels like time has stood still. The Bagan Temple Marathon features three competitive distances, a full marathon, a half marathon and a 10K race. All distances start and finish at the same time and place.

The hot and dusty course is a challenge for most runners participating in the Bagan Temple Marathon. However, the beautiful temples, the friendly villagers and the other-worldly atmosphere make this marathon one of a kind. Find out more about the race below.

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