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Sep 23

Buenos Aires Marathon 2018

September 23, 2018

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Buenos Aires Marathon 2018

The international Buenos Aires Marathon – 2018 edition – will start at 7.00am on 23rd September from Avenida Presidente Figueroa Alcorta 7000, on the corner with Monroe Street.

This event is introduced by the Government of Buenos Aires City – Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and organized by Asociacion de Carreras y Maratones Ñandú. It will be controlled by the Federacion Atletica Metropolitana and the Confederacion Argentina de Atletismo and is part of the official calendar of the International Marathons Association (AIMS).

Participation Conditions
a) The Buenos Aires Marathon will only take place under weather conditions which allow participants to participate safely. The medical team has the authority to cancel part or the entire event if they consider the conditions do not meet the safety threshold.

b) All athletes must be 18 years old or over on the date of the Marathon.

The event will take place under the conditions and the rules in force by the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) and their scope of application: Confederación Sudamericana de Atletismo (Consudatle), Confederación Argentina de Atletismo (CADA) y Federación Atlética Metropolitana (FAM).

c) The wearing of the corresponding designated Official Number given by the organizers on the shirt of the participant is MANDATORY from the start area until the finish area of the Marathon. It is not permitted to exchange numbers with other athletes.

d) The Starting Point: each athlete is required to respect the start area designated for him or her and make sure that he or she is there on time.

e) Escorts, Coaches or Personal Trainers: it is forbidden for athletes to be accompanied during the Marathon or to be given advice by anyone on a bicycle or on any other means of transport or to receive instructions or support in any way.

f) It is strictly forbidden to practice any other sport or discipline than athletics as a means of locomotion while participating in the Marathon. Skating, skate boarding, rollerblading, the use of wheeled scooters or any device of a similar kind including bicycles, tricycles and all kinds of similar vehicles with one or more wheels, with or without pedals or motors, are strictly forbidden. It is considered that any of the forbidden categories would threaten the physical integrity of the participating athletes and the safe conduct of the Marathon.

g) The lack of fulfilment of any of these rules will cause the disqualification of the participant(s) involved. The organising board has the right to judge and punish any attitude or behaviour which is against the spirit of the sport or the event or any dishonest, dishonourable or inadequate behaviour displayed towards the judges of the Marathon.

Application of Rules
The Confederación Argentina de Atletismo (Argentine Confederation of Athletics), as the responsible entity for applying the rules of athletics at a national level, and the Federación Atlética Metropolitana (Metropolitan Federation of Athletics), as the local entity, are the responsible bodies for controlling the event having appointed the judges and the jury of appeal in case of any controversy.

The International Buenos Aires Marathon will be conducted over a course measuring 42,195 km certified by the delegate of the IAAF and the International Association of Marathons (AIMS). Signs indicating each kilometre of the course will be displayed. Details of the course will be published on the official website of the organization:

It is a mandatory requirement for all the athletes to know the course and to comply with it. Any athlete found to have not adhered to the course will be disqualified.

a) The registration for this event will be exclusively ON LINE for all athletes whether they are foreign or Argentine. The registration details will be on the official website http://www.maratondebuenosaires.com The cost of registration and the payment options will be set out on the website and may be subject to change.
Once the on-line registration period has expired, those athletes who have pre-registered BUT have not paid will no longer be eligible to take part in the Marathon. Their on-line registrations will be invalid and will be automatically null and void.
In addition, the period for requesting any discounted costs of entry to the Marathon will also have expired.
Before the on-line registration period has expired, the organising board will have the right to consider new applications from athletes under certain special conditions which will be established in due course.

b) No refunds will be made to athletes who do not take part for any reason.

c) Registrations are NOT transferable, nor are payments re-assignable to any other athlete or events.

d) Because the Buenos Aires Marathon is a sporting and cultural event hosted by the City of Buenos Aires for the purpose of promoting athletic sports, athletics and running at a national level, Argentine citizens and residents of Argentina will benefit from a special discounted registration fee.

e) Foreign athletes who are resident in Argentina and who wish to pay the same registration fee as Argentine citizens will be required to present a certificate issued by the official authorities as proof of their having been domiciled in Argentina for more than 6 months prior to the marathon. There will be no exceptions.

f) Personal data entered by athletes during the registration process is considered to be legally binding. The data must be verified and corrected where necessary by the athlete undertaking the registration. NO claims for refunds or compensation will be accepted in the case of any mistakes in the information that has been provided. NO change to the registration data will be made except when it is essential for the participation of the athlete.

g) All officially registered participants in the Marathon will be covered by an insurance arranged by the organising board in case of personal accident during the event.

The Kits & Expo
a) The kits will be delivered in the Expo before the event. Those athletes who have paid and confirmed their registration will be entitled to get their running kit at the Expo (the timetable and the dates will be provided on the website). The allocation of kit will be performed once each participant has presented their necessary documentation and the mandatory medical authorization in accordance with the regulations of the City of Buenos Aires. The kit will include the official identification number of each athlete plus the “chip” for the time controls and, additionally, it may include gifts provided by the sponsors of the Marathon.

b) The choice of the colour, size and model of the T-shirt will depend on the stock at the time of collection. No change will be allowed once it has been provided. No claims will be entertained about the items comprising the kit once they have been accepted by an athlete.

c) No kit will be allocated on the day of the Marathon or after it.

d) Each “chip” provided to each athlete in the competition is and remains the property of the company which performs the timing service at the event. Therefore it must be returned at the end of the competition. Those athletes who do not return the “chip” after the completion of the Marathon will be required to pay the cost of the “chip”.

Classifications & Rules

a) The official classification of the event will be available on the website of the organization once the Marathon has finished.

b) The Marathon judges are responsible for the official results. In order to appear in the classification results athletes must have been registered at all the control stations.

c) The organising board will have the right to provide provisional results with the possibility to them being modified and/or corrected, according to revisions subsequently made by the judges.

d) Challenges to the results will only be accepted in writing and only when they clearly specify the athlete number in question.

e) Besides the general classification into ladies and gentlemen, an age group classification will be provided according to the rules of the athletes’ federation. A special disable group classification will also be provided: wheel chaired participants, visually impaired A, also visually impaired B-C.

a) All the participants who finish the Marathon course, reaching the end of it according to the rules, will receive their Ñandú “FINISHER” medal.

b) The first three finishers in the general classifications of ladies and gentlemen will receive their trophies in the ceremony immediately after the competition.

c) The category prizes will be dispensed at a later event (date to be announced) once all the results have been thoroughly analyzed, checked and verified.

d) The sponsoring companies of the Marathon may offer special prizes to participants as they decide without intervention by or responsibility of the organizers.

a) Cloakroom service and personal items: The organising board will provide a cloakroom service for the athletes. The only allowed items that may be stored are clothes. It is expressly forbidden to deposit valuable items, for example: wallets, personal documents, money, watches, jewellery, mobile phones, electronic items etc. The organising board will not accept any responsibility for the loss and/or theft of any personal items whether stored in the cloakroom or elsewhere during the event. When athletes leave belongings with the cloakroom service they will receive a waterproof ticket bearing a unique identification number. Upon subsequent presentation of that ticket to the cloakroom service, athletes will be given back their associated clothing.

b) Medical Service: The organising board will arrange the provision of medical services for any emergency, ambulances and medical tents all along the course of the Marathon. Together with the mobile medical units there will be doctors, paramedics and volunteers who will be ready to help.

c) Drink stations: The organising board will provide drink stations, fruit and food supplies for the athletes as from kilometre 5 along the entire course.

d) Vehicles on the course: The only vehicles on the course will be those authorised by the organising board which will be properly identified for the purpose of testing and controlling the Marathon. The security team will remove or order the removal of all other vehicles like motor bikes, bicycles or any other vehicles not authorized by the organising board.

e) Top time: The Marathon will be declared to have finished once precisely 6 hours have elapsed from the beginning. At that time a designated control vehicle authorised by the organising board will be driven around the course and at the end of it the Marathon will be declared to have ended. Once the control vehicle has passed individual control units around the course they will stop collecting control information and the course will be open for the traffic to return to normal. Any athlete who is behind the control vehicle will be considered to have been disqualified and out of the competition (officially he or she will no longer be a participant).

Responsibilities of the Participants
a) Once participants have registered, they accept the then current rules in force and declare themselves to be in an appropriate physical condition to participate in the International Buenos Aires Marathon (el Maratón Internacional de Buenos Aires). The organising board and the sponsors will then be exempted of any liability in case of accident, omission or avoidance of any of the items considered in the present set of rules for this event.

b) When participants go to get their kit, they must provide the mandatory medical certificate of aptitude, which has to be issued by a medical Doctor who has performed the required medical evaluations and well being checks on them that authorize the participant to take part in the competition in accordance with the terms of the Law N 5397established in the City of Buenos Aires.

c) Members of Running Teams / Training Groups who will participate in the Marathon and who wish to remain together throughout will be allowed to put their identification items in a designed area unique to them and will be informed of its location in advance.


September 23, 2018
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Avenida Figueroa Alcorta
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