The Forestman & Boskman Triathlons 2019

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The ForestMan Iron and Middle Distance, and BoskMan Long Distance Triathlons will have Race HQ, transitions and the finish line at Moyles Court School, in Ringwood, Hampshire.

The swims will be in Ellingham Lake which boasts some of the best swimming conditions and water clarity in the UK, with the cycle routes incorporating scenic New Forest lanes and two ascents of the beautiful Boldrewood Ornamental Drive.

The runs start and finish on quiet roads but the main section will be out and back laps of the traditional undulating route along Hampton Ridge. Less demanding, probably, than the original ForestMan route….but hey, we’re all a few years older now! Boskman and Middle Distance athletes will do ‘just’ one out and back lap before heading back to the finish.

3.8 km swim & T-run 1.6 km, 180 km Cycle, 42.2 km Run
2.5 km swim & T-run 1.6 km, 120 km Cycle, 21 km Run
1.4 km swim & T-run 1.6 km, 90 km Cycle, 21 km Run

Forestman Swim

Forestman 2019 bike course

Forestman Run course

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