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Oct 28

Jakarta Marathon 2018

October 28, 2018 @ 4:00 am - 2:00 pm WIB

Jakarta Marathon 2018

Jakarta Marathon is the first official International Marathon in Indonesia, was held in the capital city of Indonesia, were initiated and founded by Mr. Joko Widodo (The Governor of Jakarta Province period 2012-2014) and Mr. Sapta Nirwandar (Vice Minister of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of The Republic of Indonesia period 2009-2014). Jakarta Marathon is promoted and organized by Inspiro. Since the beginning it is supported by the Ministry of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia and Jakarta City Government. Jakarta Marathon scheduled annually every end of October.

The first Jakarta Marathon was held on 27 October 2013 and participated by more than ten thousand runners from all over the world, including world elite runners from Kenya, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, and Australia. Runners from 50 countries hit the streets to run in one of the five race categories: Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K, 5K and Maratoonz (sprint for the children) that have its start & finish point at National Monument (MONAS). Jakarta Marathon has received certification from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) with elevation level 0 m/km which is valid for 5 years from 2013. The first Jakarta Marathon offered a total prize of IDR 2.5 billion presented by Dept. of Sport and Youth Jakarta City Government.

Despite of various challenges, Jakarta Marathon was a great event to promote Sport Tourism in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. The run course of the marathon is covering Jakarta’s city landmarks, such as Old Town/Kota Tua, Pasar Baru, Jakarta Cathedral Church, Istiqlal Mosque, Bundaran HI, Pancoran Statue, and GBK Stadium. The event also be enlivened with Festival and live music performances whereby at several spots in the course, runners and spectators would be pampered with entertainment stages presenting lively Indonesian traditional arts and culture performances and also festive and splendid contemporary pop arts.

0500 – 42 km flag off
0510 – 21 km flag off
0520 – 10 km flag off
0530 – 5 km flag off


Regulations and Guidelines Jakarta Marathon 2018 is applicable to all participants without exception.

Regulations and guidelines for Jakarta Marathon 2018 are intended for:

-Provide instruction and guidance about race to the participants in large scale,
-Ensuring the safety and convenient to all participants,
-Meet the licensing requirements of the Government and other stakeholders,
-Meet some of the rules set by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and the Indonesian Athletics Federation (PASI) on the implementation of the road race.

Participants must read and understand the Rules and Regulation prior submitting the registration.

Inspiro supported by Jakarta City Government, and Indonesia Athletics Federation (PASI) will promote and organize the 6th Edition of Jakarta Marathon on October 28th, 2018.


1.Registration can be submitted through the official website of Jakarta Marathon 2018, http://thejakartamarathon.com/2018

2.Jakarta Marathon 2018 open for group registration. Terms and conditions of group registration can be accessed on the official website of Jakarta Marathon 2018, http://thejakartamarathon.com/2018

3.Participants are not allowed to change the category of the registration that have been submitted. Please take note and consider carefully which category you will participate.

4.Registration Jakarta Marathon 2018 will be opened on 26st February 2018.

5.Participants must complete the registration form with actual, accurate, current and comprehensive data. Incorrect information may also result in cancellation of result.

6.The organizers reserve the rights to refuse entries for once it is accepted if they provided false information, do not make payment or fail to meet the requirements as stated in the Rules and Regulation.

7.The Organizer has the rights to contact and to interview the applicants by phone to verify the validity of the registration or if additional information is required.

8.KITAS Holder will be considered as international registrants.

9.For Indonesian participants above 40 years old or was born at October 28, 1977 who registered Marathon category, will be registered in Marathon Master 40+ category.

10. Running t-shirt size for male participants are:

2. Participants are not allowed to change size of Running Shirt after performing the registration and could not choose color of Running Shirt. Therefor please make sure of your running shirt size before make selection.

13. Running Shirt quota is limited, if your choice is not available the system will automatically direct you to the available size.

14. Finisher T-Shirt for Full Marathon participants will be directed by system to the same size as your Running Shirt.

15. For participants who have filled out the registration form at http://thejakartamarathon.com/2018 REQUIRED TO PAY (wire transfer) registration fee on the same day when they fill out the registration form before 23:55 pm.

16. Participation can be cancelled if you do not make payment before 23:56 on the same day you are performing the registration. Payment can be made through the following method :

Credit Card (Detailed will be available during process of registration)
Transfer to account:
Account Number: 070-000-672-049-9
Account Holder: PT. Inspiro Mega Impresario
Bank Name: Mandiri
Branch: Warung Buncit
17. If for any reason your registration have been cancelled, it is necessary to re-register with different email address and make payment on the same day. Please note that one unique email address can only be used for registration once.

18. Participants who are using Payment Transfer have to send Proof of Payment (transfer) on the same day when performing registeration to the following e-mail address: payment@thejakartamarathon.com

19. Registration forms will only be processed upon receipt of full payment of registration fee. Registration fee is not refundable.

20. Email Confirmation will be sent within 7 (seven) business days to those applicants who have :

Completed the registration form
Made payment
Sent Proof of Payment to email address : payment@thejakartamarathon.com. Please Contact ask.registration@thejakartamarathon.com if you do not receive the Email Confirmation within the above time.
21. The Participants have to PRINT E-Mail Confirmation of Participation in Jakarta Marathon 2018 as a requirement to collect the race pack.

22. One person is only allowed to register for 1 (one) category. If found that a participant is registered more than once, the organizer has every rights to cancel the rest of the registration(s) of the same name or data and payments will not be refunded.

23. The registration fee of Jakarta Marathon 2018 depends on:

Run Category
The time period of registration
Details of registration fee is available at http://thejakartamarathon.com/2018

24. Information for Jakarta Marathon 2018 registration fee details http://thejakartamarathon.com/2018, pages Registration Fee.

25. Jakarta Marathon 2018 registration will be closed on August 31, 2018 or when slot is full (whichever occurs earlier). The Organizer reserves the right to close entries before the closing date without any notice once the slot is full.

26. The Organizer reserves the right to limit and refuse entries without reason.

27. Registration cannot be done during the Race Pack Collection period nor on the race day.

28. Participants are encouraged to obtain medical recommendations of physicians, related to the health condition just before the race.

29. It is mandatory for the Full Marathon participants to submit The health Certificate to the Organizing Committee at the time of collecting race pack. Health Certificate is very important to state that the participants are in good condition and able to participate in the competition. Health Certificate should be made no longer than 1 (one) week before the race day and should be obtained through medical examinations at general practitioner, health clinic or hospital.

30. The organizing committee is not responsible for any kind of an accident, injury, disability and even death that befall participants caused by negligence / non-compliance with regulations and guidelines of participants on Jakarta Marathon 2018.

31. For registration information detail please contact: ask.registration@thejakartamarathon.com


1. Terms and conditions to collect race pack:

Please ensure that you have registered and made payment according to the rules and regulation.
You must print and bring your email confirmation to the race pack collection.
You must show your identity card (KTP / SIM / Passport) at the counter.
2. If you are sending someone to represent you to collect your race pack, please make sure that this authorized person must bring:

Letter of authorization (sample can be downloaded here).
Your printed email confirmation.
Your copy of identity card (KTP / SIM / Passport).
Identity of the authorized person.
3. Race pack for each participant will be filled with:

Race Number (BIB)
Running T-Shirt
Timing Chip

4. Participants are not allowed to change the size of running t-shirt at the race pack collection.

5. Participants are not allowed choose the color of running t-shirt. The color of running t-shirt will give randomly within available color.

6. Race Packs cannot be posted and cannot be collected on the race day.

7. For security and safety of the runners, race number (BIB) is not transferable for any reason and race number (BIB) cannot be traded to other parties.

8. Participant’s registration and race number (BIBs) is specific personal identifiers and may not be exchanged with or transferred / sold to any other person. Sale and/or transfer of race number (BIBs) are strictly prohibited and will result in the disqualification and/or banning of any individuals involved on Jakarta Marathon 2018.

9. The organizer has full rights to disqualify runners who cannot prove their appropriate BIB Number, ID card as registered in the Jakarta Marathon 2018 system.


1. Participants have to arrive at the race central at 04:00 AM.

2 Race central (start area) will be opened at 03:00 AM. (Detailed map follows in October 2018).

3. Race central (start/finish area) is only open for participants who wear the official race number (BIB) of Jakarta Marathon 2018.

4. For security reasons we only allow the following to enter Race Central :

Wheelchair with official race numbers (BIB).
Bicycle / electric bicycle / Segway / skaters organizers.
5. Please use only official Jakarta Marathon 2018 race bag for your belongings to Race Central.

6. There will be 4 (four) starting waves (in 10 – 15 minute intervals).

The first wave is the Marathon category, followed by Half Marathon, 10K and 5K. Please see the instructions and directions at the start area.

The organizer has full rights to disqualify runners who do NOT start in 15 minutes after the gun time of his/her category.

7. For Participants who are late, they are not allowed to join/run in the other race categories.

8. The organizer has full rights to disqualify participants who do NOT run in the race category as they are registered in the Jakarta Marathon 2018 system.

9. There is a Drop Bag facility at the Start Area. Storage bag tagging system is based on participants race number (BIB). (Detailed map is available in October 2018)

10. Drop Bag facility will open at 03:00 am until 01:00 pm. Organizer is not responsible for your belongings.

11. For security reasons the following items are prohibited in the Race Central (start / finish area), i.e.:
Weapons of any kind, including those items that are used as weapons, batons, shock and stabbing weapons or missiles.
Flammable substances such as; fireworks, flares, smoke powder, gas spray cans, and bomb, or other pyrotechnics.
Materials / substances that are harmful to health (alcoholic beverages, drugs, dyestuffs or receptacles containing substances which are harmful to health).
Bottles, cups, jugs, cans or other items that are made of glass or other fragile material.
Mechanically operated sound-emitting devices such as Megaphones, klaxons.
Laser pointer.
Bike, roller blade, Segway, electric bicycles, skaters (Except Organizer)..
Pets of any kind, including dogs, cats, birds, and other pets.
Cigarette and matches (pocket lighters).

12. The Organizer has full rights to confiscate those prohibited items from the participants who bring it to Race Central (start / finish area). The Organizer take no responsibility for the state of the confiscated items.

13. There will be enough toilets in the start/finish area for male and female participants. (Detailed map will be available in October 2018).


1. There will be enough facilities for the participants at the run course, i.e.:

Hydration Points.
Fruits Stations.
Ambulance and paramedic.
Water sponge.
(Detailed map will be available in October 2018).

2. Cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct are PROHIBITED, i.e.:

Disturbing, blocking, tackling or pushing another participant.
Intimidate another participant.
Cheat on the time by cutting short the courses.
Get a ride / driving vehicles (motorcycles, cars, bicycles, electric bicycles, Segway etc.).
Does not step on all check point mats laid out on the route.
Wearing race number (BIB) of others.
Consuming forbidden substances (doping).

3. Participants (runners) who cheat and displaying unsportsmanlike conduct or any other violations will instantly disqualified.


1. Official jury in Jakarta Marathon 2018 are composed of PASI and IAAF judge whose decision is final. They will be assisted by official race judges and race stewards appointed by PASI.

2. All participants have to complete the race under the cut of time (maximum running time).

3. All the participants who finish the race within maximum running time are entitle for:

Full Marathon : Finisher medal and Finisher T-shirt for.
Half Marathon, 10K and 5K : Finisher medal.
Isotonic water Pocari Sweat, and another refreshment that supported by sponsors.

4. Full Marathon finishers (Open, Indonesian and Master 40+) are not allowed to change the size of Finisher T-shirt.

5. Participants who are not able to finish the race within maximum running time (cut of time) must board to the sweep bus.

6. Those participants who are not able to maintain this pace should be aware that hydration point and other course amenities may not be available. Participants in races staged on city streets may be asked to move to the sidewalks, if any issues happens to participant will be at their own risk.

7. Full Marathon participants who are late will be able to cross the finish line, but they are not guaranteed to be timed and recorded as official finishers and also will not be entitled for a Finisher T-shirt.

8. Participants who have not completed the entire course will risk disqualification.

9. Participants with missing or irregular split times at official timing checkpoints will be reviewed and may be disqualified.

10. Participants official (net) finish time is recorded by the timing system, please do notice:
Please wear an outfit that allows the race number (BIB) to be seen.
Timing chip properly installed in accordance with the installation instructions.
Participants must complete the entire course and the entire check point(s).
Participants must be able to cross finish line within maximum running time (cut of time).


1. Jakarta Marathon 2018 winners will be awarded cash money. The amount of cash money will depend on the winning category. (Detail prizes is available in October 2018).

2. Procedures and mechanisms for Jakarta Marathon 2018 winners are:

a) First ten participants from each category will be given a Potential Winner Card by the organizers.

b) Potential Winner Card is NOT a legitimate announcement as a winner but only as an identity that the participant is a winner candidate. Before confirmed as a winner, the judges and referees of the competition will verify the validity of each candidate the winner based on:

Comply the candidate winner identity with the race number (BIB) used and the data on the timing chip, which is proven by showing an identity card KTP / SIM / Permits / original passport.
Run the route and through the entire check point set by the organizer.
Passed doping test.

c) The potential winner card holder (winner candidate) that pass the verification and declared valid as champion Jakarta Marathon 2018 will be put into a decree to be signed by the IAAF, Technical Delegate, PASI and Race Director Jakarta Marathon 2018.

3. The prize money for the champions Jakarta Marathon 2018 will be transferred to the bank account number of each winner in the rupiah currency after taxes.


1. Runners expressly and exclusively grant to Inspiro and its assigns, the irrevocable right to use a runner’s name, e-mail address, and biography.

2. Inspiro has all rights to use the photos and videos taken during the prior activities, race day and post event Jakarta Marathon 2018.

3. The whole matter of photo documentation and video recordings (films) a whole series of all activities Jakarta Marathon 2018 which includes face and/or all activities of the participants are the property of INSPIRO. The participants explicitly and exclusively provide INSPIRO rights and can’t be sued over the use of all materials of photo documentation and video recordings (films) such as promotional materials, publicity materials and further multiplication.

EMERGENCIES (Force Majeure)

1. For the safety reason, the organizers reserve the right to cancel Jakarta Marathon 2018 for some issues that beyond the limits of the ability of the organizers to prevent / overcome, such as:

Bad weather (heavy rain, lightning, rain and thunder, etc.)
Natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, and others due to / from a natural disaster)
Violent public action, riot, anarchy, sabotage, demonstrations, terrorist and strike.
The explosion or fire.

2. In case of an emergency (force majeure) during a race and many participants still in the race, the participants who are still in the middle of the race route will be diverted to the area of protection / to the nearest safe zone on the instructions of the Race Director.

3. If the race is canceled due to an emergency (force majeure) there will be no refunds of registration fee.

Things that are not regulated and / or the necessary amendments to the terms and conditions of the Regulation and Guidelines will be decided later by the Organizer and will be put into Regulations and Guidelines Supplement, and is an integral part of the Regulations and Guidelines.


October 28, 2018
4:00 am - 2:00 pm WIB
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