Malawi Impact Race Experience

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Run in the rural, warm heart of Africa



Easily the most immersive and remote experience. The Impact experience starts and finishes in the small fishing village of Nkope. Nestled on the banks of Lake Malawi, you will be just a short walk from all the Impact projects. The race start line is a 3minute walk from the Athletes’ Village.


You will feel warmly welcomed into this beautiful community and will find a race course steeped in this very same community. Join with hundreds of locals to run through the exact communities that is being supported by the Impact Marathon series. In support of those suffering in poverty and their efforts to make runner become aware of what’s going on. Learn more about IMPACT here.


This is a race course that mixes it up, from dry river beds, to a road section, through 4 separate villages before the iconic Lake Malawi beach (here comes the sand!)…  Each morning you will rise to sunrise over Lake Malawi, the sight of the villagers washing their pots and pans in the water and the sound of kids jumping off every rock they can find. Each evening you will huggle around the Sunset Bar and deepen your relationship with your fellow Impact Runners.

10km, 21km & 42km distances available.

So be Impacted with the Malawi Impact experience. It is more than just a marathon. For more information and to Register online go to :



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“It was an amazing feeling to do something and have such an immediate and direct impact. Very fulfilling! When is the Malawi race next year, because I want to sign up”


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