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Nov 9

Phukethon International Marathon 2018

November 9, 2018 - November 11, 2018

Phukethon International Marathon 2018 - Race Connections

Phukethon International Marathon 2018

What is Phuket?
The Phukethon International Marathon 2018 is an international run event in Asia. Welcome to the world of lighter runners. In the form of tourism with a variety of activities. The 42.195 km, 21.1 km, 10 km race course has been certified by the International Association of Athletics Associations (IAAF) as well as the Runtainment – Jelly Beach Run 5 km. Fun Run – Color Fun Run and Running Expo with over 80 world-class brands. Old park with a long history. And is the symbol of Phuket Island.

Phukethon has the ultimate runway design. Challenging for runners who want to experience nature. And prove yourself On this island paradise. The climb from Rawai beach to “Promthep Cape” with the height of 200 feet above sea level is the highlight of this event for runners 42.195 km is the most.

Phukethon is an innovative travel event. Using the sport of the masses to create a great event of Phuket. The open running welcoming runner. Runners from 14 provinces run from Thailand and international runners from around the world come together to create a great history to see the potential of world-class quality tourist attractions on Phuket Island.

14 provinces in the south Tickets are available at special rates.
Krabi, Chumphon, Trang, Nakhon Si Thammarat Narathiwat Pattani Province, Phang Nga Province Phuket Province, Yala Province, Ranong Province, Songkhla Province, Satun Province.

Competition Equipment
Friday, November 9, 2018 – Saturday, November 10, 2018
10:00 – 19:00 at the stone bridge. Phuket province

What to prepare yourself?
BIB number
ID card or passport

What to prepare instead?
BIB number
Copy of ID card or passport



Terms of Use
The rules of the contest must be adhered to and adhered to as follows:
1. The rules of the work are consistent with the law.
2. In order to ensure the safety of the event. The organizer will arrange appropriate management and regulations in the venue.
3. The rules of the job. The rules of competition. And the rules of the application. The organizer is not responsible for damage caused by any of the following:
3.1 An illness or accident. (The organizer will provide physicians, nurses, volunteers and staff to Emergency)
3.2 Loss or damage of personal property
3.3 Delay of the competition by the organizers can not control.
4. The runner must arrive at the venue at least 1 hour before release. The exit door will be closed before the 15 minutes for each match.
5. Ask the runner to follow the instructions of the organizer and the referee, otherwise the competitor may be disqualified.
6. The runner is responsible for reviewing announcements. From the organizers before and during the competition.
7. Photos, animations, sounds, articles, statistics, competition Is the copyright of the organizer. And may be published by various media such as newspapers, Internet, television, magazines, etc. athletes can take photos. animation And their voice can be used without permission. Organizers do not allow photos and videos. Work animation and competition for commercial use.
8. Organizers take into account the privacy and security of the applicant’s personal information. This will take care of this issue.

Competition Rules
Organizers do not allow participants to race on the racetrack in violation of the rules and regulations. In case the contestant does not follow Organizers may not allow participation. Or participate in the competition. Disqualify

1. Must arrive at the point of release prior to release time according to the type of distance applied.
2. Must enter the release area according to the expected time of use as specified at the time of application. And marked in numbers on the run number. Do not go to the play zone released by the designated zone is considered illegal.
3. Start running with the release group. Starting from the starting point after the release of more than 15 minutes will be considered the wrong type of competition. Or illegal competition. And Disqualify (Disqualify)
4. The number of runs on the chest to see clearly. Organizers do not allow runners who do not stick to the number running through the release point. And the finish line.
5. Follow the directions given (with arrows, ribbons and signs / symbols). Do not use shortcuts.
6. Helping the runner Can only be done at the break point. Trackers are not allowed to help runners on the race track.
Do not dress or have any equipment. That may harm other runners.
8. Not dress appropriately, causing uneasiness for other runners or visitors, such as politeness, politeness, political commentary. Religion or belief, advertising, propaganda, etc.
9. Do not use the device or the voice to mislead others as a signal to release.
10. Do not do anything. This causes delays in competition. Or blocking the finish line.
11. Stop or give way to emergency vehicles or staff.
12. Follow the instructions of the route controller. Or the competition director strictly.
13. Judgment using the Gun Time system (time from the center clock of the match). The ranking of the board is final. And use the chip to measure and check the check point (Check Point)
14. All runner-up winners must show their national ID or card issued by a government agency with a photo ID and photo ID. Or passport To claim a prize within the time limit. Otherwise, it is deemed unreported and disqualified.
Other unspecified rules will be cited in accordance with the rules of the Athletics Association of Thailand. (Under the patronage)
16. The Referee’s decision is final.

Terms of application
Organizers may refuse to accept applications. Or cancel the admission for applicants who do not read and agree to the terms and conditions of the competition. No refund of application fee. It also reserves the right to consider recruitment in future events.
1. Do not apply again by the same applicant. Or use the name and other information to subscribe.
2. Do not use false information in the application. Or forged documents.
3. Do not change your subscription information after verification, so please check your application details carefully. We reserve the right not to change the application. It does not refund the application fee.
4. Laptop computer, tablet, mobile phone And some operating systems (Operating Systems) of those devices. May cause the application to crash. The organizer is not responsible for all devices and is not responsible for any delays caused by the Internet connection.
5. The organizer is not responsible for the wrong email. The applicant does not receive an e-mail. Applicants are responsible for checking email or website.
6. Because the applicant has a lot. Organizers may not be able to answer questions about the status or results of individual applications.
7. Who is eligible to compete? Payment must be made within the specified time. Otherwise, it is considered a waiver.
8. Candidates who have delegated other people to the competition. Will be disqualified in the next year. Runners who use the competition number of others. No prizes awarded.
9. Power of Attorney to sign up for run numbers and equipment. A copy of ID card / passport of the applicant issued by government agency with registered number is required.
10. Organizer reserves the right not to refund the application in case of cancellation or postponement of the competition due to uncontrollable reasons. Or natural disaster
11. Candidates who distribute their competitions and tickets to others. Will be disqualified in the next year. Runners who bought a competitor’s number. No prizes awarded.

I hereby certify that the above statement is true. I am in perfect condition and can compete in the category of applicants. And will comply with all rules without any compensation. In case of injury or injury both before and during the competition. I will show proof of myself to the organizer. And allow the photographer. Animation to save the race. And is the copyright of the organizer. In case this event has to be canceled in whole or in part. Due to any force majeure. Natural or any other. I acknowledge and agree that no refund will be made to me.


November 9, 2018
November 11, 2018
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