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Jan 4

Sea of Galilee Tiberias International Winner Marathon 2019

January 4, 2019

Sea of Galilee Tiberias Marathon - Race Connections

Tiberias International Winner Marathon

The Tiberias municipality and Israel Marathon are happy to invite you to participate in the 42th Sea of galilee – Tiberias International Winner Marathon, which will take place on January 4,2019 and constitutes the Israel Open Championship.

This is the highest quality Marathon that takes place in Israel, along a comfortable route that starts and finishes in Tiberias and runs along the southern shore of the Kinneret in an enchanting panorama up to Ein Gev and back.

In 2012, a record was set for the marathon route in the male category of 2:07:30 hours. Over the years, many athletes from Israel and overseas have improved their personal achievements on the Tiberias route.

We perceive this event as being of utmost importance and, consequently, we have decided to focus on the merits and heats on the date of the event and, therefore, will make every effort in order to hold an especially high quality marathon that surpasses the level of all those that preceded it and, as such, enable you, the athletes, to receive the maximum enjoyment of the experiencing a one-of-a-kind marathon.

In line with the highest tradition, a complete sports happening will take place around the marathon, headed by the traditional 10 km race and 21 km half-marathon race. After the start of the marathon and, during a part of the race, the participants will run along the Barniki and Shikmim Beaches on a segment of the lane around the Kinneret which was recently surfaced right on the lake shore.

The Kinneret Urban Association is happy to host participants in the marathon on its beaches and is prepared with water distributing stations and music for the pleasure of the athletes.

During the happening there will also be stalls for sales at cheap prices and, of course a pasta evening which will take place on the evening before.

We will be happy to see you, the athletes, participate in this unique international popular and competitive sporting event together with your families and supporters.

Rules for registration and participation / cancellation

All information included in the regulations has been written in masculine form for convenience only and applies to the feminine as well; all said in singular form applies to the plural as well, and vice versa.

All information included in the regulations has been written in masculine form for convenience only and applies to the feminine as well; all said in singular form applies to the plural as well, and vice versa.


Terms of engagement and liability for races produced by Marathon Israel and under its responsibility

Marathon Israel organizes runs and competitions intended for the general public under the following terms: To avoid any misunderstandings, read the following rules carefully.

Registration to a race organized by Marathon Israel constitutes agreement to the terms set out in these regulations, and in the run registration form.

Date and place of the race
The race will be held on January 05, 2019. The starting points will be from Ha Galilee Street in Tiberias

Race heats and age groups
Marathon – 42.2K, Half marathon – 21.1k run & 10k run Other races: as written in the registration terms for each and every race.

The races is intended for age 18 and up. The date that applies for determining the age of the registrant is the day of the race.

Marathon Israel cannot promise that data with regard to a particular race given at a certain time will not be changed later on due to circumstances that do not depend on Marathon Israel and/or force majeure; therefore, complaints about changes of data cannot be a reason for claims and/or demands toward Marathon Israel.

Registration and payment
Registration should be done on a detailed form that includes details of the runner/participant. The registration form must be signed, and note the registration fee that will ensure the registrant’s place, including method of payment (cash, credit card).

When registering for the race and giving the Marathon Israel representative their email address (either verbally or on the registration form), runners agree in effect to receiving email, notifications and advertisements by email, mobile device or any other means.

If a registrant wishes to remove himself from the mailing list (and thus stop receiving marketing notifications) he may do this by clicking on removal at the bottom of the page or sending an email reply to the Marathon Israel address.

Terms of participation
Races will only be held with the minimum number of participants determined for each race. Marathon Israel may cancel any race even several days before its scheduled date. Marathon Israel is not obligated to a maximum number of participants, unless otherwise indicated.

Participation in the various heats of the run is the sole responsibility of each runner/participant. By registering for the race, registrants declare and undertake that they are fit and healthy and that no other medical obstacle exists to their participation in the run, since they are aware of the fact that the organizers and/or their representatives have no responsibility towards them with regard to any kind of harm and/or injury caused to them as a result of participating in the run, and that they shall not have and hereby waive any claim, suit and/or demand towards the organizers of the race or their representatives with regard to and connected with harm and/or injury caused if caused.

Running in the competitive heats shall be permitted only to those who have fulfilled all of the conditions set forth in the following and cumulatively:

Registered for the race and his/her name and details appear in the records of the organizers and timekeepers on the date of the race.

Registrant is wearing a race timing chip and chest number of the race bearing his/her name and details, received based on registration for the race, . Anyone who fails to meet the terms stated above will not be permitted to run in the race heats, and the organizers may keep them from running and bar them from the race route. In any case, anyone failing to meet the terms stated above shall be disqualified and their result will not be counted.

Runners whose registration details are incorrect may be disqualified and their result not counted, and they shall not have any claim and/or demand towards the organizers on this matter.

In order to complete the process of registration for the event, runners are obligated to sign a health statement in the Marathon Israel version. Version of the declaration on the company website.

Registration to the race is personal, and may not be transferred to anyone else.

All participants agree that the race organizers may use photographs and/or pictures and/or films of any participant before, during and after the event for promotional and public relations purposes on any media and at any time, without remuneration.

The full name of the runner, place of origin, route and result will be displayed in the list of runners on the website. If a runner does not want his name to appear in the runners list, he/she may contact customer service in writing.

The organizers and officials are authorized to disqualify runners whose conduct is unsportsmanlike or in contradiction to the guidelines or who put themselves or other athletes at risk. In such cases, runners will not receive any refund of registration fee.

It is forbidden to accompany runners on foot (running) or riding a bicycle or any other vehicle (except for the organizers’ vehicles). Any runner being dragged by another person, a bicycle rider or a vehicle will be disqualified.

The finishing line will be locked at a time to be determined by Marathon Israel. Competitors running at a significantly slow average pace will be requested to quit the race, inform officials they have quit and, if needed, vacate to the finish line. For your information, the water and first aid teams will cease their activity; hence, race officials will not be responsible for runners who decide to continue running.

Cancelling registration
The cancellation policy corresponds to the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations.

When a race participant engages with the company in a race purchase transaction without the common attendance of himself and the company representative for the transaction, or a participant in a race is not present at company offices (remote sales transaction) and when the engagement is a result of the company contacting a participant in a race through distance marketing (mail, telephone, radio, television, electronic communications, fax, advertised catalogs or ads in the newspaper) –

A race participant may cancel his participation in the race by written notification (including fax, mail or electronic communication) within 14 days from the transaction day, provided that the cancellation is made at least 6 business days prior to the start of the race.

If a race participant canceled the race transaction he purchased within 14 days from the transaction, as stated above, due to a flaw in the transaction or a discrepancy between the race details to which the company was committed and the details provided to the race participant (including company details, price, terms of payment, right of cancellation, written document with regard to company details and the race, etc.) –

Then the company shall reimburse the race participant within 14 days from receipt of notification of cancellation, the part of the transaction price paid by the race participant, cancel the charge to the race participant with respect to the transaction, and will not charge the race participation any cancellation fee.

If a race participant canceled the race he purchased within 14 days of the transaction, as stated above, for reasons other than those noted above (such as: his wish to cancel the race with no explanation) –

Then the company will reimburse the race participant, within 14 days of receiving notification of the cancellation, the part of the transaction price paid by the race participant, cancel he charge to the race participant with respect to the transaction, and will not charge the race participation any sum of money, except for a cancellation fee that shall not exceed 5% of the price of the race or ILS 100, the lower of the two.

In any case other than that detailed above, in which a race participant canceled the race, after the lapse of 14 days from purchase of the race, the following terms of cancellation will apply:

25.1. If a participant in the race canceled his participation in the race for any reason whatsoever, up to 45 days before the start of the race (including Friday/Saturday, holiday eves and holidays)– he will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the payment he made.

25.2. If a participant in the race canceled his participation in the race for any reason whatsoever, up to 20 days before the start of the race (including Friday/Saturday, holiday eves and holidays)– he will be charged a cancellation fee of the entire payment he made.

According to the aforementioned, the company may offset any sum paid by the participant in the race.

A participant in the race purchasing the race at company offices may cancel the race by written notification within 14 days of the transaction, and in this case receive a full refund of his money, with no exceptions provided that the cancellation is made at least 6 business days (that are not days of rest) prior the start of the race.

The company may give every participant in the race written notification, before they engagement in purchasing a race from the company, of special cancellation terms that apply before and during holidays.

With regard to a change of route that involves additional payment or reimbursement, the latter shall be determined according to the route fee on the day of change, and not according to the fee on the day of registration.

A runner who wishes to change, amend and/or update his registration details, including his replacement by another runner, may do so until 45 days of the day of the race, and in accordance with the organizers’ instructions. After this date, no requests will be considered and no changes and/or updates of registration details or replacement of runners will be made.

Running kit
Each participant who has registered for the race and is listed in the organizers’ records is responsible for taking his/her running kit which includes, among other things, a chest number and a timing chip (hereinafter: “the race kit“).

Participant who did not receive a running kit due to their absence may receive the kit at Marathon Israel offices two business days after the race has taken place. The kit may be received up to three weeks from the date of the race.

Cancellation / change of the event
Cancellation of the event and/or change in event layout and/or any other change that deviates from the publicized information, due to a force majeure (“act of God”) event, torrential rain, flooding, etc., shall not constitute a breach of agreement on the part of the producer and/or organizers, and the customer/participant shall not be entitled any compensation and/or cash refund. The producer and/or organizers will allow an alternative event to be held, if possible, on another date, to the extent possible, provided that there is nothing to prevent it; all at the sole discretion of the producer and/or organizers.

According to these regulations, a “force majeure event” means any factor that the producer/organizers have no control over, including any case of weather conditions unsuitable for holding the event; cancellation of the event due to lack of registrants, postponement/cancellation of the event due to war, strike or closure and/or force majeure and/or other external limitations imposed on the producer/organizers by governmental authority, state of emergency, terrorist attack, missile attack, natural disaster or special government action etc. with the potential of preventing or disrupting the event. In this matter, “prevent or disrupt” could mean a state of national mourning and/or a negative public atmosphere, unsuitable to the nature of this activity.

Insurance, evacuation and responsibility
The organizers do not arrange insurance for the runners and participants in the race, and the participants are aware and understand that there is no insurance coverage for the Marathon Israel with respect to damages of any kind, caused as a direct or indirect result of participation in the race. Every runner is responsible for ensuring himself in accordance with the provisions of the Sports Law 1988.

A runner and/or participant evacuated by an ambulance shall bear 50% of the cost of evacuation, without denigrating and/or diminishing from the arrangement he/she has with any health services or insurance company, to the extent that such exists.

To the extent that a runner and/or participant is obligated to undergo medical examinations pursuant to the sports regulations (medical examinations), 1997, he must do so at his sole responsibility and expense.

The organizers shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damage caused to the property and equipment of any participant and/or runner; each participant and/or runner is solely responsible for taking care of his belongings and equipment.

By the very act of registering for the race, the participants hereby declare that all organizers and persons responsible for the competition are exempt from any responsibility with regard to belongings and equipment brought with them to the event, and that they waive any claim, complaint and/or demand towards the organizers of the competition or any other body associated with the race with regard to any damage / loss of equipment / property in their possession.

The organizers may update the information on this site, and participants must keep track of these updates.

The information given in these regulations and in other Marathon Israel publications constitutes proof of the undertaking according to which the participant registered for the race. Marathon

Israel cannot be held responsible for uncertified or unverified information given that contradicts these data or auxiliary data unless they are backed up in writing.

The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and/or any action or conflict stemming from it, will be made pursuant to the laws of the State of Israel, and will be discussed, if necessary, in the authorized courts of law in each of the district cities of the courts of law: Tel Aviv Yafo, Central District, Haifa, Nazareth, Beersheba and Jerusalem.

Appeals: Runners may submit a written appeal of race results to the event administration up to 45 days from the date of the incident to which the appeal relates.

All event winners are asked to remain until the end of the event to attend the cup distribution ceremony. If the winner is unable to attend the ceremony, the cup may be collected up to a week from the end of the incident.

Registration form
By filling out and sending the registration form, registrants are considered to have read and fully understood the company regulations, as well as the notes and general terms of each and every race.

Privacy policy on the site
Marathon Israel respects the privacy of each person registering for an event and/or making any use of the website. The policy of maintaining privacy detailed in the following relates to the type of information that Marathon Israel will be permitted to gather, as well as the manner and purpose of processing this information. This policy of Marathon Israel shall also instruct and guide registrants/users on the site, how to act if they do not want their personal details collected or divulged to others.

This privacy policy is formulated in the masculine form for the sake of convenience only, and relates equally to women as well.

Maintaining the privacy of participants is important to Marathon Israel, and it gives this matter special attention.

Registration to an event and/or certain services involve early registration and loading, among others, of vital identification details such as name, address, method of payment (if needed), ways of communication, etc.

Agreement to terms of use and privacy policy
Use of the website attests to the agreement of each participant to this privacy policy and, correspondingly, to the law that applies or shall apply to it. If the participant does not agree to one of the terms, then he must discontinue his use of the site and/or contact Marathon Israel for assistance in the use of alternative means. Use of a registrant’s information shall be made only pursuant to legal obligations.

Use of information collected

Marathon Israel and/or its representative are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and secrecy of the information at their disposal, and complying with the provisions of the law. To the extent that information about a participant is gathered during registration and/or use of the website, Marathon Israel will use this information only pursuant to this privacy policy or the provisions of the law, and for the purposes set forth in the following:

47.1 Management and communication with event participants.

47.2 Proper management of the event and the site, and operating the services offered in it.

47.3 Providing customer service and streamlining communications with Marathon Israel.

47.4 For marketing purposes, all subject to the agreements obtained from the participant by law, and for the internal purposes of Marathon Israel, without divulging it to external advertisers.

Marathon Israel will not refer information on participants to third parties, unless this has been authorized as part of this privacy policy, subject to obligations under the law, and in the following cases:

A legal dispute and/or claim and/or suit between a participant and Marathon Israel, or if a participant in the site conducts illegal activity.

Under a court order or as required by a responsible authority under the law.

When there is grave concern for the well being and/or property of a participant or property of a third party or Marathon Israel.

In the event of a corporate merger with another body and/or merger of site activity with the activity of a third party, provided that the new information recipient undertakes to comply with the provisions of this privacy policy, including all of its limitations and terms.

Anywhere on the site that the participant gives his agreement to it.

Health declaration
Every registrant is asked to confirm a health declaration, in the version that appears on the company site. It should be emphasized that without signing the declaration, registrants will not receive a running kit nor will they be allowed to participate in the race.

Health declaration form for registrants to Marathon Israel events
*The following is written in the masculine form but applies equally to the feminine as well.

Part 1: Medical questionnaire
Please read the following questions thoroughly and answer each of them honestly by marking the correct answer.

-Has your doctor told you that you suffer from cardiovascular disease? Yes/No
-Do you ever feel chest pain? (Select one of the possible answers below)
-When at rest? Yes/No B. In your daily activity? Yes/No C. When you engage in physical exercise/activity? Yes/No
-Over the last year, have you ever: (Mark your answer in one of the possible answers below)
-Lost your balance due to dizziness? (mark No – if the dizziness was a result of hyperventilation during intense physical activity). Yes/No B. Lost consciousness? Yes/No
-Has a doctor diagnosed you with asthma and therefore, over the last three months: (Select one of the possible answers below)
-You needed medication? Yes/No B. You were short of breath or wheezing? Yes/No
-Has one of your immediate family members died recently? (Select one of the possible answers below)
-From cardiovascular disease? Yes/No B. A sudden death at an early age? (Before age 55 for men; before age 65 for women) Yes/No
-Over the last five years, has your doctor told you to engage in physical activity under medical supervision? Yes/No
-Do you suffer from any chronic illness not mentioned above, which could prevent you from or limit you when engaging in physical activity? Yes/No
-For pregnant women: Has this or any previous pregnancy been defined as being at risk? Yes/No

Part 2: Instructions
If you marked YES in any of the question in Part 1 of this form – then in order to register for the event you must provide Marathon Israel with a medical certificate, according to which a physician confirms that participation in a sporting event does not involve any risk to your health. Israel Marathon will allow participation in the event only with medical certificates issued no more than three months previously. The certificates should be submitted at the distribution of the running kit, as a condition for participating in the event.

In any case of change in your medical condition, consult your physician with regard to participation in the event.

Part 3: Declaration

I hereby declare that all of the details I have given are correct, and that I am fit to participate in the event.

I the undersigned hereby declare that I am aware of the fact that I will be participating in a sporting event that involves considerable physical effort.
I hereby declare that I am in good health and fit for activity and that I have trained properly in preparation for it.
I understand that my participation, if I am not properly prepared for it physically, could put my health at risk.
I am aware of the fact that the organizing committee of the event, the organizing body, the actual organizer and providers of sponsorship, shall not bear any responsibility for any harm caused to me, including physical injury caused to me prior to the event, during it and after it, nor for the loss of any equipment or belongings.
If you have suffered or suspect that you have suffered from any illness during the week before the activity including fever, digestive disorders or coughing, consult your physician before participating in the activity and receive his approval for making the effort.

I declare that I have read and understood the entire medical questionnaire and declaration included in the registration form and have filled it out on my own. I declare that I have provided full, correct details of my past and present medical condition, according to the questions I was asked in the stated questionnaire. I authorize the production staff to use my pictures for promotional and public relations purposes, without remuneration.


Friday 4.1:

6:00am-15:00am – Opening the gear check-in post.

7:00am Gathering in the corral – marathon and half-marathon runners.

7:00am-15:00pm Expo openning

9:00am Marathon and half-marathon start.

9:30am 10K race start.

10:00am Kids race.

11:0am Trophy award ceremony for 21K and 10K runners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd men+women.

12:15am Trophy award ceremony for the marathon, 1st, 2nd, 3rd men+women (general + Israelis).

15:00pm Official finish of the marathon race.

Timeline may be subject to changes.



January 4, 2019
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