Winter is here so you will probably be reacquainted with your turbo trainer: here are the top five no-nos

Turbo trainers: we love to hate them. But when the weather is as filthy as it is at the moment, then they’re a necessary evil.

But seeing as you’ve forced yourself to get on the turbo, you may as well make the best of your time in the torture chamber, so just make sure you don’t do any of these things.


1. Don’t be a random thrasher
If you use the turbo intelligently, it can be a seriously useful training tool. Rather than jumping on, giving it beans and hoping for the best, get a plan.

2. Don’t upset the neighbours
Turbos can be loud. And guess what? The people in the flat downstairs probably aren’t getting as much out of the session as you are.

3. Don’t dismiss turbo training as “boring”
It used to be. Now it really isn’t – or it doesn’t need to be. You can do things like transfer your club chain gang indoors. You can race online in genuinely exciting, seriously competitive events. You can find other people to ride with.

4. Don’t go eyeballs out all the time
A couple of high intensity sessions a week are beneficial, but rein it in now and again. If you’re doing four or five turbo sessions a week, make half of them Zone 2 efforts.

5. Don’t get cooked
It’s massively important to drink on the turbo – a litre an hour is not a bad place to start.