The Importance of Sports in Children’s Lives

The Importance of Sports in Children’s Lives - Race Connections

The Importance of Sports in Children’s Lives – Race Connections

Sport plays an extremely important role in children’s lives. A child involved in sports not only looks healthier and stronger than his mates, but also achieves his goals faster. Sport develops discipline in the child. But how to instill in him interest in physical activity?

If you want your child to show interest in sports, just don’t push on him. Start with family training. Family physical activity, such as riding bikes, jogging or swimming in the pool improves the relationships between parents and their children through general entertainment, and also develops the child’s interest in sports.

What are the best sports for your child?
With so many different kinds of sports around, it’s difficult to know at once what’s fit and what’s not fit for your child. We suggest that you should start with the activities, which make your child happy. or sure, all children like to dabble in the pool, ride a bike and run. Why not channel the children’s energy into the right direction? Let your kid try some swimming lessons, cycling, running lessons, or even triathlon, which combines all of the above sports disciplines. He will be able to prove himself and build a real sports career.

What is the benefit of sport?
Physically active children will never be passive when they grow up because they have a clear sense of purpose and then achieve their goals. Sport strengthens the body and balances the child’s mental state. Group training will teach the child to interact with other children, become more sociable and get rid of various psychological barriers.

Sport has a positive impact not only on the children’s health but also on their mental abilities. If you think that sports will distract your child from school and badly affect his grades, then you are wrong. Children who are regularly engaged in sports are more calm than their mates, and more prone to concentrate on classes. Sport teaches them discipline not only in training, but also in the classroom.

A sporty child is more confident about problem-solving. It was proved that participation in sporting events increases the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Success in competitions and awards induce him to further challenges, and failure becomes just a step towards victory. A confident child will find it easier to face and overcome difficulties in life.

Sport and physical exercises teach you to relax and see the positive side. It’s the real happy pill. During exercise, the brain releases endorphins, hormones of happiness, which make us we feel better and more optimistic.

If you want your child to show interest in sports, allow him to participate more often in various sports competitions, for example, the kids triathlon cup. Kids Triumph will be conducted for the first time in Moldova, on June 16, 2018, in Valea Morilor park. Children will have the chance to get familiar with the world of triathlon, which combines competitions in swimming, cycling and running.