Minsk Half Marathon 2018 Review

Minsk Half Marathon 2018 Review - Photo by Tut.By

Minsk Half Marathon 2018 Review – Photo by Tut.By

On 9 September Minsk Half Marathon 2018 got the Belarusian capital on its feet for the 4th time. Over 35,000 runners from 53 countries made this year’s race record-breaking.

The organizers reversed the traditional start schedule for 2018 edition, and separated all the three starts.

The runners competing in 21km race started first at 9 am. The updated route was expanded to more central streets and made one lap – this made the distance psychologically easier for the runners.

They were followed by the participants of 10km race who set off at 9.45.

In 2018 the organizers separated all three starts and introduced new routes for 21km and 10.5km races.

Traditionally the most popular distance was the 5km start.

“The lack of space became obvious at this distance. Runners even had to spread to lawns and sidewalks. I think we hit the maximum”, the head of Belarus Athletics Federation Vadim Devyatovskiy admitted after the race. He added that the organizers might consider two separate 5km starts next year.

Minsk Half Marathon 2018 Review - Photo by Tut.By

Minsk Half Marathon 2018 Review – Photo by Tut.By

The 2018 edition of Minsk Half Marathon became record-breaking.

The athletes’ geography expanded to 53 countries and 198 towns of Belarus. 1300 runners travelled to the Belarusian capital from abroad.

The prize fund of the Half Marathon reached $50, 000.

But more important of the awards is the unique atmosphere that embraced Minsk on this day. It united people of all ages, families, friends and random strangers.

Minsk Half Marathon 2018 also drew attention to numerous charities and was preceeded by a number of charitable races in spring and summer.

The first edition of Minsk Half Marathon was held in 2013 during the celebration of the Minsk City Day. This experience was successful; and the race was made a tradition held on the second weekend of September.


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