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Our team concept was developed with two primary goals in mind:


1) Our first goal was to support a small but dedicated group of high performance athletes, to help them fulfill their long term goals. We began working with 4 athletes who were working on their own personal 5-10 year plans. We now have over a dozen High Performance athletes involved with the program. Each athlete is working towards long term goals that culminate in various international events. These goals include performing well at World Championships for Ironman, Xterra, and the Olympics. Each athlete has dedicated themselves to continued athletic development and knowledge, following a very progressive training program that focuses on their personal long term goals. You can read more about this amazing group of athletes on the Team Roster, and in special sections of the BPR Forum.


2) Our second goal for Balance Point Racing, was to draw in a broad range of athletes that are looking for a support network as they work towards their own personal development. We aim to share knowledge with any motivated athlete, from novice to elite. We are a club that prides itself on education as a major component of the coaching process.


The Balance Point Racing Team drew 4 elite athletes under its wing in its first season, in addition to over 50 age-group athletes. This was far beyond our initial modest goals for our first season. That overwhelming interest led us to create this site, to continue the growth and development of the team, and to expand our services to a broader group of athletes.


It is our goal to provide the most inspirational and educational environment to athletes who are committed to long term development. With this in mind, we offer both ongoing testing and training sessions based on the FaCT philosophy of personal development. We hope to empower people to pursue their dreams with passion and knowledge. We support a broad range of athletes, from beginners to age-group champions, in addition to our small but growing elite team.


We hope you will join us… The only requirement of being a BPR Team Member is to commit to a Balance Point Assessment, and commit to ongoing development as an athlete.


Train with Balance…Race with Passion



BalancePoint is a team of dedicated and experienced coaches specialising in physiologic assessments, technical coaching, and program design for all levels of endurance sport. With a strong emphasis on athlete education and an insatiable interest in exercise science, we are your guides on your athletic journey.

Steeped in science, our unique method consists of 4 distinct features:

1. Physiologic Biomarker Assessments. Learn more…

2. Training plans and custom athlete programming.

3. Training sessions and technical training.

4. Clear Communication


We have developed a program for finding performance that is almost unfair to your competition.

Our coaching programs are based on your own physiologic strengths and weakness and delivered to you in your own online logbook.

We have refined this system with some of the top athletes in the world and through our on going participation in cutting edge research.