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Alise coached herself to a 4th place, 9:42 Pro Ironman debut at Ironman New Zealand in March 2018 while working full time and balancing training. Alise was a former National level swimmer and most of her personal records are horrendously fast so we avoid this subject at the dinner table.

There are many facets to triathlon success and we feel we understand them well. Alise is a Triathlon Australia accredited triathlon coach who is committed to continual learning and development as a coach. Alise graduated University with a Social Science degree and worked with troubled youth and families for 13 years prior to focussing on a career in triathlon. She has followed the path of newbie triathlete, to competitive age grouper and now pro athlete all while working close to full time.

Being an athlete that currently races at the professional level, Alise has a solid understanding of the performance principals of triathlon training. Not everyone aspires to race on the Big Island or a World Championships. However, if you do, Alise will help get you there and be an invaluable member of your race performance.

Whether you’re a new triathlete or a veteran of the sport, I would highly recommend chatting with Alise to see if you’d be a good fit.