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1989 – 1995
Van Lierde’s international career started in 1990 when he came fourth in the World Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships.
In the Long Distance Triathlon he was ranked among the best in the world between 1994 and 1995.

1995 was a decisive year for Luc Van Lierde, when he took second place at the ITU World Championships in Nice, and came second in the European Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships.

In 1996 Luc won the European Championships and came second in the World Championships in the Olympic Distance Triathlon. He won the Nice Triathlon and came second at the ITU Long Distance Championship. Luc Van Lierde became the first European to win the IRONMAN® World Championship, beating the existing record from Mark Allen by three minutes.

Luc Van Lierde went on to clock the fastest IRONMAN® Triathlon ever in 1997, doing 7:50:27 (0:44, 4:28, 2:36, plus transition) in IRONMAN® Europe. He was absent from the IRONMAN® World Championship in 1997, after undergoing surgery.

After undergoing surgery in 1997, he nevertheless finished second in the 1998 IRONMAN® World Championship and became ITU Long Distance World Champion 1998.

In 1999, he once again won the IRONMAN® World Championship in Hawaii, outrunning the second-placed competitor by six minutes. During that same year, he received the Giant of Flanders trophy awarded by the two Flanders section of the Association of Professional Journalists.

2000 – 2009
2000: Winner St. Croix Triathlon, 2003: Winner IRONMAN® Malaysia, 2003 and 2004: Winner IRONMAN® Malaysia, 2007: 2nd IRONMAN® Lanzarote, 2007: 8th IRONMAN® Hawaii 8:30, 2008: 2nd IRONMAN® 70.3 Antwerp, 2009: Winner Vienna City Triathlon, 2009: 4e IRONMAN® 70.3 New Orleans, 2009: 6e EK long distance in Prague

2009 – PRESENT
After retiring as an athlete, Frederik Van Lierde approached Luc Van Lierde (not related) with the request to coach him.
After more than 20 years as a professional triathlete, Luc Van Lierde decided to share his secret to success and started working with Frederik in 2011.
Only one year later, he managed to coach Frederik Van Lierde to a third place in the IRONMAN® World Championship Kona Hawaii in 2012.
In 2013, he guided Frederik to the ultimate success: winning the IRONMAN® World Championship in Kona Hawaii.



Personal Triathlon Coaching

No matter where you live, no matter who is coaching you, you can have Luc’s opinion and evalution. You can do a test with our protocol and deliver the results by mail. Afterwards you will get the evaluation of Luc Van Lierde himself. Nobody else uses this refined method to calculate your training Zones. All our athletes, including the professional ones, are benefiting of testing. You can experience our successful training program firsthand now!

When I started in triathlon, there was no such thing as a triathlon coach. We had to figure it out ourselves. So I contacted world class coaches in swimming, cycling and running and we started to make workout programs that made sense, specific for triathlon.

So, lab results are one thing, but the secret to success is to combine this with the experience “on the field”.

That’s why I was able to win the World Championships IRONMAN® Hawaii twice and to guide Frederic Van Lierde to win Hawaii for the first time in 2013.
That is also why world class athletes like Marino Vanhoenacker (IRONMAN® World Record Holder) and Michelle Vesterby (8th Kona IRONMAN® 2013) have chosen to work with me.

Podium Places


1995: Silver medal at the World Championships in Nice
1996: European Champion Olympic Distance
1996: Silver medal at the ITU Long Distance World Championship
1996: Silver medal at the ITU World Championships Olympic Distance
1996: Winner IRONMAN® World Championship (new record)
1997: World Record for IRONMAN® event (7:50:27)
1998: Gold medal at the ITU Long Distance World Championship in Sado Japan
1999: Winner IRONMAN® World Championship
2000: Winner St. Croix Triathlon (2k/55k/12k)
2003: Winner IRONMAN® Malaysia
2004: Winner IRONMAN® Malaysia
2007: 2nd IRONMAN® Lanzarote
2007: 8th IRONMAN® Hawaii 8:30