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We can arrange treks anywhere at any time of the year in Nepal including our Homestay in a beautiful remote village. Get away from it all and just enjoy peace and tranquility in this beautiful place.

My husband Mark has run in a few different countries and he turns up at the start of the race and at the finish we go back to the hotel – job done. This run is so different! This is not just a run, this is a Nepalese Experience. This will open your eyes to a different way of life and a new culture.

You will also build up friendships with like-minded people and take home memories which will last forever. This is a non-commercial event with just 20 runners because we want to retain a friendly close group so that single travelers are also welcomed.

The village is called Manegau and is about a two and a half hour drive north of Kathmandu, in the Bhimkori region. The village stands at an altitude of 1800 meters (similar to the top of Ben Nevis) and the run will take you up to 2400 meters, (equivalent to climbing a 4 mile ladder). It is all off road (no tarmac in sight for miles) You will twist and turn onto little tracks and pass through tiny villages at the foot of the Himalayas to the amusement of the locals!

In November the village is at it’s best with mustard fields in full colour, orange trees in bloom and clear visibility to the snow capped mountains above. It is truly spectacular.



UK Based Trail Marathon Organisers for Running and Trekking Events in Nepal, Himalaya.



Bridgette: “It was like you gave us a big wrapped hamper full of goodies and we just sorted out the order we wanted to sample the delights.”

Roger: “I loved Nepal and the people we met and definitely intend going back”

Philippa: “It was brilliant…if you are a runner you really must go next year. An awesome experience”

Andy: “This was an incredible trip! Beautiful country, amazing people, and yet very humbling! An adventure of a life time. I would recommend it to everyone, and unbelievably affordable”

Justen: “I have had the most amazing wonderful experience (looking forward to coming & competing in the 5th year anniversary race if I’m allowed out again haha ) thanks again”

Richard: “I had an absolutely amazing time, what a way to break my marathon duck!”

Will: “It is fair to say I am still buzzing nearly a month on”

Mark: “Everything was wonderful , great group, fantastic experience, and Minnie and I definitely want to be involved again and are thrilled that other people from this time around feel the same, as it would be great to see them again. Thanks so much to you and Mark, not only for arranging such a wonderful experience, but for opening our eyes to a different, simpler way of life, and giving us the opportunity to meet such wonderful people in a beautiful country”

Nicola: “I think I can speak for all my trekking buddies by saying we had an incredible Nepal experience….truly touched by the kindness of everyone we met, the spectacular scenery and we have made lifelong friends I’m sure!”

Danielle De Simone Testimonials – LONG VERSION

Nepal is like no other place I have visited – it is beautiful, exciting and the Nepalese people are so welcoming – and if you embrace their culture whilst visiting, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. A fantastic way to embrace the Nepalese culture and to experience what life is like in Nepal for ordinary people (or should I say extra-ordinary!) is by taking part in the Nepal Endurance Marathon organised by Binay Lama, which gave us a 3 day experience of living, eating and sleeping in the Nepalese mountains in a local village with wonderful people.

Deciding to take part in this event took lots of courage for me; I’m a runner, but haven’t competed in lots of off-road events and definitely not abroad, somewhere as vast and unique as Nepal. However, it was by far one of the best decisions I made when visiting Nepal in April 2016 and it made my mini adventure even more wonderful and memorable.

I met up with Binay, his wife Sami and the other runners the day before we travelled to the Binay’s home village and we all got on great straight away, making new friends, which was fantastic as I was travelling to and taking part in this excursion alone. The journey to the village was an adventure itself – off road jeeps for 2 hours up the mountainside. The views were breathtaking and although precarious at times, this only added to the fun and the growing excitement of the runners as we got to know each other. Once in the village we received such a warm welcome – the local people gave us welcoming gifts of garlands of flowers and even set our camping equipment and tents up for us in our camping spot in the centre of the village. Words don’t do justice how beautiful the views were from our tents. Waking up in the morning and un-zipping the tent to look across the Nepalese mountains is my most treasured momery from visiting this country and I doubt it will be beaten any time soon!

We were fully catered for in the village, with Nepalese style food – which was delicious – as well as a camping site, changing tent & shower which was built specially for us (not quite western style, but close enough) and we had access to the Nepalese style toilet which raised some eyebrows when we first arrived, but soon became yet another way of adapting and appreciating the culture of the country and an ongoing point of humour.

The race itself was incredible. All of the runners competing in all 3 distances set off together from the village, with the local people cheering us along our first stretch. Within a mile, the runners had split off into smaller groups depending on pace and soon I was with only 3 other people. For about 3 miles we ran together and then the marathon route split off from the half marathon route, which meant I was left alone to enjoy the beauty of rural Nepal. At first, not helping that I am female, the idea of being alone was daunting and frightening and my initial thought was “why am I doing this?” However, I had no need to feel this way. As I followed the route up the mountains through other local villages, the support I received was great, with people calling “Na Maste” in excitement and cheering me along the dusty tracks. Small children even took to running alongside me for a few feet, racing me to the end of their villages. The energy was great and really kept my spirits going as I climbed further and further up the mountains in the growing heat. Once I hit the turn-around point of the route, I was offered a full packed lunch by the marshals and filled my water bladder up (I also took a quick selfie as it is not everyday you feel on top of the world – literally!)

The 7 miles back to the village along the same path was tough as although it was now down hill, it was still undulating, the heat was growing hotter with every passing moment and the dusty track was filling my trainers with sand which made for uncomfortable running. As us runners know though, the tougher the run, the greater the satisfaction (and bragging rights) and this was definitely true with this event. As I neared Binay’s village once again, I was overwhelmed with what I had achieved and as I climbed the hill back to the village and Binay’s friends and family cheered me on for those last few moments, I felt invincible.

Post-event was just as fantastic, as again, delicious traditional food was provided and local media came to the village for a presentation of awards in the evening, with each person receiving a medal, t-shirt and certificate. The atmosphere was incredible and sharing our experiences that evening with new life-long friends, medals slung around our necks, sipping a cold beer, was simply amazing.

I cannot thank Binay and Sami and his friends and family enough for organsing this once in a lifetime event – it made me fall in love with Nepal and I may even come back to do the race again! I would recommend it to any runner who is seeking a little excitement and like me, you don’t need to be a hard-core trail / ultra runner to enjoy this event. Remember to come with an open mind, a big smile and some strong trainers!