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    5 months, 2 weeks ago
    Kintore runners to take part in 100-hour relay for charity

    Members of Jog Scotland Kintore are running 10k each during an allotted hour, with the first runner setting off at 4pm on Saturday and the last due to finish at 8pm tomorrow.

    A baton will be carried along the whole time, with circuits starting and finishing at Kintore School.

    Each runner paid £10 to take part, with 100 junior runners paying £1 to run 1k.

    But that £1,100 total soon doubled through the support of the local community.

    Club chairwoman Tammy Wilson said: “People in the village were wondering why people were out running 24 hours a day,” she said.

    “When they had it explained to them why, they were so supportive.”

    Even the arrival of a polar vortex wasn’t enough to dampen the enthusiasm of the runners, who came forward in such numbers – even for overnight slots – that there was a reserve list.

    “Every year we set ourselves a challenge to raise money for charity, and this year we just decided to do something a bit different, a bit quirky,” said Ms Wilson.

    “I put up a list with all the time slots, and even with the overnight slots there was no problem filling them.

    “I did 1am to 2am in -7C, just the worst conditions, but it’s a one-off – it’s good banter.”

    The total raised – currently sitting at £2,300 – will be split between north-east charities Kayleigh’s Wee Stars and the Gathimba Edwards Foundation.

    Kayleigh’s Wee Stars provides financial support for families who have a child with a terminal illness.

    The Gathimba Edwards Foundation is an Aberdeen-based charity which raises money for disadvantaged children in Kenya.

    To donate to the Kintore runners’ campaign, visit

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