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    5 months, 2 weeks ago
    JUNIOR Runners Step Up At Greenock Parkrun

    TWELVE people improved their times over the five-kilometre Greenock parkrun course.

    The weekly, timed event on the Esplanade attracted 121 participants.

    Several junior runners got personal best (PB) times — Aimee McEleny (29:44) went sub-30 minutes for the first time; Cameron Crawford (23:27), finally beat his best time from just over a year ago; and Ben Campbell (19:07), who, after he crossed the finish line ran all the way home to collect his barcode and arrived back just in time to get it scanned and register his PB.

    Others completing the course in faster times Stephen Fulton (23:23), Niall Brennan (23:26), Graeme Clark (23:31), Fraser Erskine (25:28), Carol Moir (26:09), Alexander Donald (30:37), Allan Rowan (32:28), Nicole Clark (39:10) and Irene McIntosh (40:01).

    There were 10 first-timers and representatives from eight different clubs taking part.

    One of the clubs was Stepwell, Run Well, a new jogging group based in Greenock, formed only eight weeks ago. This was their first parkrun together.

    Report submitted by Erin McEleny (10)

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