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UK Sport

UK Sport has identified coaching as a key element of the high performance system in the UK.

Coaching, alongside other key performance support services such as Sports Medicine and Sports Science, Performance Lifestyle and Research and Innovation, plays a crucial role in ensuring the ongoing success of British athletes.

The UK Sport coaching team seeks to ensure the delivery of quality coaching to athletes on UK Sport’s World Class Performance Pathway, a system devised to identify, develop and refine talented British athletes.

To achieve this, the UK Sport World Class Coaching Strategy must deliver targeted and innovative programmes and interventions specific to the needs of world class coaches.



Coaching Programmes

Elite Programme

The aim of the Elite Programme is to enhance and develop current world class coaches working within the British system, to enable them to become truly world leading coaches of the future.

Elite Coaching Apprenticeship Programme

ECAP aims to work closely with sports to accelerate the development of emerging coaches already working in the high performance system, enabling them to not only have an enhanced impact in the short term, but also to become the elite coaches of the future.

Athlete to Coach

Working in collaboration with sports, Athlete to Coach aims to provide transitioning coaches with the foundation skills to optimise their current technical and tactical knowledge. This thorough grounding in the principles of effective coaching is designed to support these individuals at the start of their journey towards being a world class coach.


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