Why Your Child Should Try Triathlon Classes

We live in a time when digital gadgets practically steal all our free time. We do sports less and less and fail to care of our kids’ physical activity. But there is a chance to save our children’s health by not only restricting their pastime in front of a monitor but also instilling a love of sports. One of the most suitable sports for children is the triathlon. Let’s consider 10 reasons why your child should try a triathlon class.

1. Good health
A child engaged in triathlon is less susceptible to diseases of various type. This is due to the fact that little athletes are always physically active, swimming in the water, riding a bike and running.

2. Mental growth
You may think that triathlon has an impact only on physical development of your child. But it’s not exactly this way. According to investigations, physical activity has a positive effect on memory and concentration. By attending triathlon workouts and competitions, children gain a lot of knowledge from coaches and develop their mathematical thinking. Children can learn to calculate distance, speed, time of distance crossing, heart rate etc.

3. Friends
Triathlon is a good chance to make lots of new friends. Your child will become more sociable and self-confident. Parents should understand that their child will have like-minded friends, who, most likely, will only have a positive impact on him. Rivalry, failures and successes will teach your child to stand up to conflicts, support and understand others in difficult situations.

4. Healthy eating habits
Achievements in sports, especially in triathlon, are closely connected with healthy eating habits. The child will learn to correctly follow his diet, which will affect his athletic performance, health and figure.

5. Neat figure
Triathlon combines three sport disciplines (swimming, cycling, running), which allows, on exertion, to involve almost all the body muscles. Constant training will make the child slim and fit.

6. Travelling
Triathlon competitions are held all over the world. This offers your child the chance to travel, meet new people, experience different cultures and study geography.

7. Goal achievement
Triathlon develops patience, perseverance and endurance, which are among the most important qualities in meeting a goal. All these qualities are very important at a later stage of life, and the child will be able to apply them in the future.

8. Pleasure
Children practice triathlon with pleasure. They very much like the variety of workouts offered by this sport. In addition, the triathlon consists of quite easy to master sports disciplines – swimming, running and cycling.

9. Overcoming psychological barriers
A child engaged in triathlon becomes more self-confident. He opens up new limits of his body and overcomes the “I can’t do it” barrier in his head. The child will learn to identify his weaknesses and strengths, set goals and strive for them. Also, constant peer communication will help him get rid of various complexes.

10. Proper use of excess energy
Children have an inexhaustible amount of energy. It often hampers the parents in going about their own business. Children can run for several hours, coming up with various forms of entertainment, making noise and distracting parents from business and recreation. Triathlon will help to channel the children’s energy into the right direction and make it positive.

To learn more about kids’ triathlon, you can attend the first children’s triathlon competitions in Moldova. Kids Triumph will be conducted on June 16, 2018, in Valea Morilor park. Children will have the chance to get familiar with the world of triathlon, which combines competitions in swimming, cycling and running.

source link triumph.md