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Kuwait’s largest sporting event sees 1,500 international runners


KUWAIT: ‘Gulf Bank 642 Marathon’, witnessed record numbers this Saturday, with 7,500 runners representing over 66 nationalities taking part. Enthusiasm for the event reached an all-time high, with all 4 categories selling out in advance of the day. Kicking off at 7.30am, excitement was in the air, and in spite of the recent heavy rainfall, the sun was shining and Souq Sharq buzzed with anticipation.

Starting and ending at Souq Sharq, the route saw runners make their way along Gulf Road, past the Grand Mosque and Souq Al Mubarakiya, where the vendors’ excitement added to the incredible atmosphere of the day. Then, depending on the distance category (5km, 10km, 21km, or 42km) runners continued on a tour of Kuwait’s landmarks, from Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center to the Kuwait Towers, before crossing the finish line.

In an interview, Ahmad Al-Amir, Assistant General Manager for External Communications, Gulf Bank, stated, “This year’s edition of the ‘Gulf Bank 642 Marathon’ was an unparalleled success. The atmosphere was electric, with participants flying in especially for the race, and arriving as early as 6.00am to take part in the race. When we first met the Pro-Vision team, we saw two young Kuwaitis with an incredible vision and the determination to succeed. That vision, our partnership, and the incredible support we’ve received throughout the years has resulted in an incredible event that Kuwait can be proud of. The marathon is an initiative that Gulf Bank holds close to its heart, the perfect demonstration of our commitment to social responsibility, alongside our commitment to the country.”

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