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LCW Wales 2019

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Pembrokeshire plays host annually to one of the most difficult triathlons in Wales – the Long Course Weekend. This unique event lasts three days in mid-July, accommodating some of the best triathlon talent in the UK and the world, including a number of IRONMAN UK athletes, serving as the perfect preparation and build up to the [...]

Swansea Triathlon 2019

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This event is in its 5th year and is set in the heart of Swansea, ideal for first timers and elite athletes. The course is simply in one of the best locations in the UK. With a calm, safe and spectator friendly sea swim in the Prince of Wales Dock, a lapped, picturesque ride, and a [...]

Great Ocean Road Run Festival

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Take in the beautiful view of the beautiful Victoria, Australia on the Southern Ocean as you run by. The Great Ocean Road Running Festival have been attended by many athletes from around the world in the past. The Great Ocean Road is an icon in Australia and is renowned throughout the world for its beauty and [...]

Neujahrsmarathon Zürich

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Exciting night run lights up the street of Zurich Switzerland. Participants start their new year after making the finish line. They were welcomed into the hall after completing the marathon. Over 1000 runners from 50 countries took part in a one of a kind night run. From fire crackers to lonely dark tracks the run prove [...]