Trail Running is popularly done on hills and mountains and require different level of training according to how high or how steep one is planning to go. I found a website that records people’s experience on Trail Running all over Asia.

It is not only recorded, you can join the team and do your own trail running. The website is called Asia Trail Master. They even interview people whom have completed their goals of trailing. This is their description :Written interviews with runners, event organisers, coaches and other stake holders in the Asian trail industry.

Here is an interview that I found rather interesting. Take a look.

ruth1.jpgPenang Eco 100 this weekend has attracted a stellar line-up of protagonists in the Asia Trail Master Championship series. On the start list for the Malaysia SuperTrail is also a whole delegation from Indonesia, a country which has produced several outstanding trail runners in the past two years. Among them, and arguably the latest running star coming from Java, at least in the women’s category, is 27-year-old Ruth Theresia. Ruth only got into competitive running about two years ago, but her progress has been more than remarkable. Hailing from Bandung, place of her mentor and male ATM championship leader Arief Wismoyono, Ruth Theresia won the last three ATM races she took part in and is aiming for more, a lot more. The upcoming race in Penang will be her first attempt at the 100 miles distance. If she proves successful, Ruth Theresia will have a significant shot at the Asia Trail Master championship title later this year. Not bad for someone who can certainly still be called a “newbie” in trail running! High time to get to know Ruth Theresia a little bit better. 

By K. Van de Velde


So basically, they interviewed this person as a newbie to know more about her life. The link to the interview article is as below:


2019 trail running :


If you wish to join the challenge itself, here are some info:

How to enter

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You do not need to do anything but run the race. As soon as you are an official finisher in an Asia Trail Master points race you get an automatic profile and points. If the race was 70 km long, you will also score a point for your Grandmaster Quest.

Participants are of course strongly advised to check the registration policy and conditions of entry on the webpage of each individual race belonging to the Asia Trail Master Championship series.

As a general principle, people taking part in any ATM race should do so willingly and should follow that particular race’s instructions at all times, as well as have appropriate medical, travel and accident insurance cover. Runners at every single event will be required to sign a waiver attesting to the fact that they are in good health and fit for the physical effort required for participating in long distance running races. Kuai Sports Promotions Ltd, as promoter of the ATM Championship series, declines all liability if health problems are experienced during an event promoted under the Asia Trail Master Championship series.

All participants in any kind of endurance sports events are encouraged to have a regular health check up, as well as to confirm if participation in outdoor sports events is included in their personal medical insurance policy.

If you have any questions or require assistance on insurance, please contact our staff.



The link below will lead you to other interview done by Trail Runners. Enjoy!


If you want to be an organizers of this challenge, it is easy to apply as well. Go to this link :