In 2016, Justin Lippert bought a bike off Craigslist and competed in his first triathlon. Three years later, he’s won five national championships, mostly wearing nothing but a smile and a pink watermelon Speedo. 

On the surface, he’s a bit of a caricature: half-naked, tan, muscled with a handlebar mustache and backward trucker hat. His voracious joy is palpable via social media posts peppered with bro-isms like “stoked,” “yeet,” “gnarly” and “hype.” He radiates equal parts silly, giddy and cocky. “I’m just doing me, what I think is fun, cool, whatever I’m doing and people love it,” Lippert muses. “It’s wild. Born in Middletown, New Jersey, he was a high school All-American in cross-country, then walked on to Clemson University’s team. He later followed some former teammates to a new sport, triathlon, adding cycling and swimming to his running prowess. 

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