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Malaysia Ultra Running



Have you ever wondered if ultra running is really just a totally solitary pursuit of yourself against the vast distance along the towards the elusive finish line? There is no need to be! You have so many questions and issues about training, nutrition, hydration, accessories and etc for ultra road and trail running. Yet you are left on your own to find your way out most of the time? Wouldn’t it be nice if your fellow Malaysians can share their experiences and tips on those races that you aspire to take part in one day in the future?

The Malaysian Ultra Runners Association (MURA) is a non government organization (NGO) registered in June 2014 with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies. It is an open organization with a fee-paying membership structure.  Any normal members can be nominated and elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) subjected to the rules of the association to become the office bearers of various positions within the MURA organization.  Annual financial statements have to be audited and presented for approval at the MURA AGM. MURA aims to be an organization representing ultra runners throughout the whole of Malaysia.


MURA aims to be an organization representing ultra runners throughout Malaysia.


  1. Provides a national platform representing the common interests of Malaysian ultra runners to government authorities, sponsors, race directors and other stakeholders;
  2. Represents Malaysia ultra runners in international ultra running arenas and communities;
  3. Establish and maintain cooperative and supportive relationship with ultra races held within and outside Malaysia;
  4. Establish general quality and safety standards for ultra races held within Malaysia;
  5. Establishing MURA branches in each states of Malaysia


  1. Inform members of ultra races held in Malaysia and other countries on regular basis;
  2. Organize the members to join international ultra races;
  3. Organize forums, seminars, clinics, training camps and other activities for its members on ultra running related issues like training, hydration, nutrition and diet, equipment and accessories;
  4. Liaise with local ultra-race race directors on issues concerning general issues of ultra running and its membership, specifically promoting and supporting these local ultra races;
  5. Join and maintain membership with International Association of Ultra Runners (“IAU”);
  6. Liaise on regular basis with IAU on activities/races organized by or affiliated to IAU


  1. Being Malaysian citizen or non-Malaysian residents with residence in Malaysia for at least 6 months
  2. For non-Malaysian residents, membership will lapse 6 months after lapse of Malaysian residency status;
  3. Having completed an ultra race of 50 km or above in the year of admission as member;
  4. Membership will be valid for a period of 1 year upon acceptance of application;
  5. Members will be required to complete at least an ultra race of at least 50km in distance within 2 years of the validity of their membership;
  6. Membership fees will be set by the Annual General Meeting of MURA

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