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Swedeman Xtreme Triathlon

Swedeman is the Swedish offering of the Xtri World Tour (an official member since 2018) and takes you on a journey through the wilderness of Jämtland in Northern Sweden – making Swedeman the most northerly race on the Xtri circuit.

A beautiful triathlon in a wonderful location, you will exit the swim under Sweden’s largest waterfall and embark on a wild cycle ride through a uniquely Swedish landscape with only a few small communities and large potential for meeting reindeer and moose.

Contact us : https://www.swextri.com/contact



Swedeman Xtreme Triathlon 2020

Åre, Sweden are

SWIM UNDER SWEDEN'S LARGEST WATERFALL BIKE THROUGH THE NORTHERN WILDERNESS AND FINISH ON TOP OF ÅRESKUTAN   Based out of Åre, Swedeman is an official member of the XTRI World Tour. The XTRI family is growing […]