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The Healthy Way of Life Community
Since opening its doors nearly 30 years ago, Life Time has evolved into something completely unique. Today it’s a growing community of people who have defined a new path forward. Where health, knowledge and relationships are valued. Where our energy is channeled for good. And where purpose drives our daily lives.



A healthy way of life has no limits.

We are always exploring new ideas that improve not only body and mind, but also integrate wellness into our daily lives. This can help us all to be more thoughtful, productive and engaged as we savor the journey of life.


Life Time Work

We are dedicated to helping people reimagine their work life. Life Time Work is the first and only coworking concept that combines exceptional workspaces with a world-class health club experience.

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Life Time Living

How do we help people put health at the center of their lifestyle? Enter Life Time Living, luxurious residences with a world-class fitness resort integrating into the living experience.

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Athletic Events

We believe every one of our athletic events is an extension of our Healthy Way of Life philosophy and brand, and it’s always our goal to deliver an exceptional event experience for both participants and spectators.

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