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Pete Wilby

Triathlon Coach


My passion is to support people taking part in triathlon and open water swimming safely.

I began coaching at my triathlon club during my degree in 2010.  I am currently still the junior coach at Exeter Triathlon Club where I work hard to progress the training timetable of swimming cycling and running.

It is in my nature to always try to progress.  I change things and embrace mistakes.  My philosophy is that everyone who takes part in triathlon and open water swimming is ultimately in it for the adventure.

With athletes, I aim to find the best route forward and plan the journey into shorter, more manageable challenges.  When the ball is rolling, more goals emerge and goals are motivational.  When people believe they can achieve the challenge ahead, progress is made, they continue to challenge themselves with confidence

One of my core values is that safe triathlon and open water swimming coaching is available to everyone.  I am always trying to progress PeteWilbyTriathlOn services to suit everyone’s needs.  I am open to new ideas and change.

I don’t do everything by myself.  Without the great support I get from Laura and our lifeguards PeteWilbyTriathlOn services wouldn’t be half as good.