New Lease of Life for Cycling in the UK

The Covid 19 has brought huge increase in demand for bicycles. Shops have had the best sales since their businesses begun. These are for online shops an actual shops. As people find ways to get out and about and to make journeys, the bicycle has been an easy choice.

Brompton Bicyles that make around 50,000 folding bikes for the UK market have had five fold increase in demand since April. Halfords which is the most accessible to people in the UK in terms of buying a bicycle has reported an increase of 23%

The UK has also announced £250 million pounds to improve bike lanes, increase bike lanes. bicycle parking , locking facilities and chair for cyclist to park and rest. Cycling remains a great form of exercise that people love doing during the warmer months. However it is not a transport of choice during the colder months especially during winter when 90% of cyclist stop using. I wonder if space will be considered wasted when it is not utilised in the winter monts.

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