Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training Methods and Lessons

Learn How to Guarantee Becoming a Faster and Stronger Athlete without Guessing

With this book you will learn why heart rate monitoring is one of the most convenient and most effective ways to train. From the knowledge in this book you will learn how to become a better conditioned athlete in the most time-efficient manner.

This is probably the best book to teach you everything you need to know . All you need to do is spend time, digest it to understand and follow the instructions. Read the first few pages.

All the information you gather from this book will allow you to track your response to your training. This will allow you to make personalised decisions to optimise your training program.

The main problem with most training programs is that they are not based on your unique body shape, size, physiological response, and most important, your current fitness level.

In this book you will learn how to:

1) Find the best way to make a heart rate monitor work for you
2) Learn to apply principles of excercise physiology to get in the best possible shape.
3). Combine these two goals to benefit from training that is totally individualised to your ability, fitness level and goals.
4) Guide you to record respond appropriately to your data feedback.

By constantly evaluating your heart rate response to your training, you will rest and recover appropriately and push harder when your body is ready.

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