Scott Jurek – Plant Based Diet for Runners

Scott Jurek is an amazing athlete that can run 100s of miles. He is fueled purely by a plant based diet. Learn More about his Methods of Training and Eating. Named one of the greatest runners

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How much triathlon training should children do?

Source: 220 Triathlon Chris Maxwell, head coach to the Chippenham Tristars, provides some useful guidelines on how much triathlon training children should do, taking into consideration their growing body, school work and other sporting interests.  

Learn to embrace failure The best athletes in the world bounce back quickly after disappointing races because they have a different perspective on success and failure.

Source: Triathlon Magazine Canada — by Melanie McQuaid   Flats happen. Don’t let the bad luck affect your attitude moving forward. Athletes looking to be their very best are pushing their limits, aiming for the edge

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Teaching Your Kids to Dive: PADI Junior Open Water Program

Source: Scuba Diver Life Author: Christine Brinkley owns BEST HR Resources, an HR consulting business in Katy, Texas, where she lives with her family most of the year. She spends as much time as possible at their

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11 One-Hour Medley Swim Workouts

By Margaret Cyphers Source: Active.Com A former college swimmer and high school assistant coach, Margaret Cyphers has built a number of workouts that she uses to keep her stroke strong. All of these workouts involve some

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