Be An Insanely Good Online Fitness Coach – Online Book

How To Be An Insanely Good Online Fitness Coach:

No Marketing Hacks.

No Branding Secrets.

Just What It Takes to Be Successful With Clients, And Build a Real Career in the Fitness Industry Kindle Edition


An in-depth guide for fitness professionals looking to take their career (and their clients) to the next level.

This is not a book about marketing yourself, advertising, managing payments, or anything like that. It’s just about how to be insanely good at your job.

It’s about how to help your clients achieve their goals, build on them, and become more independent.

For over 30 years Scott Abel has been helping his clients lose weight, get ready for bodybuilding shows, and balance careers and all sorts of life’s stressors with fitness. His clients stay with him on average between five and six years, and yet, counter-intuitively, his focus is on creating client independence.

This book covers:

• The four steps for communicating effectively as a coach.
• Why asking “which certification is best?” is the wrong question to ask if you want to be a better, more successful fitness professional.
• How to stop being just a trainer, and become a true coach (look at a professional sports team, and look at the role of the coach and the role of trainer–which one do you want to be?)
• How to use the “triangle of awareness” as a hermeneutic for figuring out what areas to focus on with each client interaction.
• How to create and keep a useful “client file” when you get a new client.
• Where to start with brand new clients, and how to set the right precedents and get them started on the right foot.
• Common coaching mistakes, and the characteristics of great coaches.
• How to deal with boundaries.
• How to deal with the non-linear nature of client success and progress, and keep them better committed long-term.

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