Run, Ride, Sink or Swim: A Year in the Exhilarating and addictive world of Women’s Triathlon.

The book is a memoir of Fry’s journey from being a complete novice in triathlon to completing her first Ironman event in just one year. She details the physical, mental, and emotional challenges she faced as a beginner and how she overcame them through perseverance, dedication, and the support of her loved ones and teammates.

The book is well-written and engaging, with plenty of humour and relatable anecdotes that will resonate with anyone who has embarked on a new and challenging endeavour. Fry’s voice is authentic, and her candid descriptions of her struggles and triumphs make her journey feel personal and universal.

One of the book’s strengths is its depiction of the women’s triathlon community, which Fry portrays as welcoming, supportive, and empowering. She highlights the camaraderie and sense of sisterhood she experienced while training and competing alongside other women, challenging the stereotype of triathlon as a male-dominated sport.

Overall, “Run, Ride, Sink or Swim” is an inspiring and entertaining read that will appeal to anyone interested in triathlon or personal transformation. It is a testament to the power of setting ambitious goals, pushing oneself outside of one’s comfort zone, and the transformative impact of physical activity on mental health and well-being.

Run Ride Swim or Sink

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